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Business Meeting

Looking for the consummate storyteller for your conference or corporate event?

Norman Leach has spoken around the world, leading organizations to see the future and embrace it.

His keynote addresses are based on his firm belief that "Doing new things is easy. It is letting go of the old that is difficult'"

To explore how Norman can bring his insight to your organization please contact the Canada Speakers Bureau. 

Want to grow your business? Discover new markets? Increase your profits?

As a futurist and international business coach Norman has facilitated the entry into new and/or international markets for a large number of companies and non-profit agencies. He looks at the politics, risks, opportunities, and rewards in acting in a global marketplace.

He received the Canadian Manufacturer and Exporters Award for Leadership in Export Development.

To discover how Norman's seminars and coaching can take you to the next level contact us.  

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