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Mirjam Katharina Zwingli is a Swiss expatriate based in Germany. She is experienced in international and intercultural communication, which covers a wide range of areas, such as marketing & PR, business development, recruiting, international relations, management of diversity, coaching, conflict management, diplomacy and motivational speaking. She has been working on her PhD in Communications Science and Media Research at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich in Germany.

Ms. Zwingli has worked internationally as an independent advisor and board member of profit and non-profit organizations and companies and has a wealth of experience as a networker and recruiter of international speakers in politics, science, law and business. On top she is an international speaker for example at the EU Parliament in Brussels, the BRICS International Forum, in Berlin and London, to name just a few. 

Recently, Ms. Zwingli has become a partner of the first Female Executive Search or Female Headhunter company in the world. A specific set of expertise is needed to coach and advise female executives on the one hand and companies looking for executives on the other hand. 

Ms. Zwingli is a Co-Partner and Director of International Communication & Marketing at POLIGATE. Her company offers sustainable and environmentally friendly road construction technology. nanoSTAB is Made in Germany with Proof of Concept since 2006. 

Mirjam Zwingli: Client
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