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Doing New Things Is Easy - It’s Letting go of the old that's difficult!


The “new normal” gives everyone the chance to reset and start again. The challenge is that most will simply do what they did before COVID and it will fail.

 This online course breaks with the past, guiding participants to success in Leadership, Sales, Marketing, and People.

Leaders are facing challenges no one prepared for:  working from home, Zoom meetings, diversity, new markets and, declining sales - the world has never been more challenging. 

The old ways of doing things will simply not work.

This four-hour module gives leaders a path to success - new ways to do things and new ways to take advantage of the “new normal.”

Course Content 

1. Being an online leader (one hour)

a) It is all about visibility -  out of sight - out of mind

b) Motivating commitment from those you lead

c) Leading from the front

2. Becoming a Thought Leader (one hour)

a) Your brand - you have one whether you like it or not

b) Building Influence - who do you want to influence 

c) Telling your story - building your story and telling it

3. Leading with Diversity - and really meaning it. (one hour)

a) Confronting Bias

b) Skills for Inclusion

c) Communicating Across the Gaps


It is easy to believe that businesses will never recover in the face of online buying and locked-down markets.

The reality is the “new normal” provides new opportunities - opportunities we could not have predicted.  What we need to do as marketing and sales professionals is let go of the old - truly discovering the new.

This module leads marketing and sales professionals to new opportunities - new techniques, new tools, and new paths to success.

Course Content

1. Online sales presentations (one hour)

a) Research, Research, Research

b) Setting up for success - Preparation

c) Using the Tools -  there is no faking it

2. Delivering  engaging online presentations (one hour)

a) Online Presentations are different -  Ditch the Deck

b) The Questions - If you don’t like people you are in the wrong profession

c) “The Pitch” -  They never see it coming

3. Closing the deal and keeping the customer (one hour)

a) Friends don’t close

b) No limit return policy in the new normal

c) Follow up, Follow up, Follow Up


It has always been about people. Whoever called our colleagues “Human Resources” truly had no idea what they were doing. We know that the new normal has changed forever our relationships.

This module leads managers and executives through tools and techniques to work with their stay-at-home colleagues.

Success comes from truly adopting the new emotional intelligence.

Course Content 

1. Working across cultures - diversity is not just a word (one hour)

a) Understanding bias- and dealing with it

b) Communicating across cultures

2. Working from home - and further (one hour)

a)The perfect online meeting

b) Online presentations - It’s easy (sort of)

c) Working smarter - there has never been a better time

3. Staying visible in an online world (one hour)

a) Emotional intelligence - on Zoom

b) Body language - for the new normal

c) Be seen - and heard


Each year, Norman Leach accepts a select number of private coaching clients to mentor directly. The sessions, both in-person and online take leaders to the next level of both business and personal success.

No mentoring session is the same. The process starts with a private interview with Norman to determine your goals and what tools you will need to reach them.

Like everything at Creative Concepts, the coaching is customized and personal.

The focus is always on your long-term success.

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